Selecting the Right Butcher Block Countertops to Create a Stylish Kitchen


The butcher block countertops are needed in the restaurant kitchen. Butchering is actually a tough job and quite dangerous so the butcher countertop is needed to prevent any accidents that might happen. Besides, the butcher countertop also helps to keep the sanitary of the meets as well. there are several materials can be used as the butcher countertops like metal or ceramic but perhaps wooden material is the best since it’s tough and affordable too.

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If you’re a homeowner who wants to use the wooden butcher block countertops in your kitchen then you should know that there are several types of butcher block countertops to choose. Maple wood block is one most common type of butcher countertops used by homeowners at the kitchen. There are also some other types of butcher block countertops which includes black walnut and ash countertops. If you want to cheer up your kitchen then the right material for butcher block countertop to choose is the reddish-brown tins of cherry wood. You can also choose the soft brown of teakwood that can help to give your kitchen with an exotic look. Whether your kitchen comes in a country look or modern minimalist look the red oak might fit in both because it has strong grain textures. If you awnt to bring an updated kitchen look then cooing the Lyptus wood can be an alternative since this is a new wood in the market and it potentially can lead into a trend in the future.

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Before you buy any butcher block countertops for your kitchen of course you should measure the space where you’d place the butcher block countertops at. Indeed most of the butcher block countertops have their own size standards however some manufacturers can help to fit the butcher block countertop size according to your need.


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