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  1. Judy Laskowski

    I am looking for a semi sheer pleated curtain in white. I cannot find it on your website but can find the image.
    need it to be 60 wide per panel and 76 long.
    can you please email information

  2. Jim Wayne

    Looking for Kili rust through tile 8×16 inches that was sold at Lowe’s, but discontinued.

  3. Kathleen Hirsch

    I am looking for icon collection double towel rack brushed nickel

  4. Daniel Dunham

    looking for queen murphy bed kit

  5. Cynthia Levy

    We are looking for the tiles in the picture herein by Donato.
    Can someone put us in touch with Angulo Consulting who posted this picture.

  6. Jerry Cooper

    I’d be obliged if you could afford me some advice.
    I’ve attached a photo of the concrete floor in question. When it rains heavily moisture can be seen rising through the existing cracks.

    I propose to repair the cracks by opening them up and filling with quick setting mortar. Then i propose to clean/seal and apply a coloured epoxy paint coating.

    The floor comprises 9.5m2 and the context is a domestic entrance hall.

    Appropriate products?
    appropriate quantities?
    colour chart options?
    cost incl. delivery to London/E9 6EH or supplier in London?
    Other considerations?
    Thank you
    Jerry Cooper

  7. Jim Fink

    your site shows many cast aluminum garden benches:


    How do I find a re-seller for these items.


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