Decorating the Bedroom with the Right Platform Bed Frame


Currently most homeowners prefer to apply the modern home style to make the home looks more stylish. In means they would also need to use the platform bed frame since it helps to create a bedroom with a modern look. The platform bed frame will make a bedroom has a stronger minimalist and modern look because it’s dominated by straight clean lines and simple designs. Indeed there are some platform bed frames that you can buy but actually you can order custom platform bed frame if you want to.

platform bed frame ideas

Ordering your own custom platform bed frame would be necessary if you have an unusual bedroom where the ordinary type of platform bed frame can’t fit in it. Perhaps you bedroom is too small so you’ll need a smaller bed frame or the ceiling of your bedroom roof is too low so you’ll need lower platform bed. Besides, you might need to order custom platform bed frame simply because you want to make your bedroom unique and different from others. There are several important things we can do to create our own platform bed frame. At first you must measure the space where you’d like to put the platform bed frame at. This way you’ll know the size of the platform bed frame needed to fit in.

platform bed frame 2016

you will also need to make sure choosing the right material for the platform bed frame. Most platform bed frames are made from wooden materials instead of metal.  This might be a good idea since it’s cheaper.

The headboard is actually optional so you can install the headboard on the platform bed frame if you want to. Measure the width of the platform bed frame and make sure the headboard also has the same width with it. Finding the best carpenter is necessary so you better make sure that the carpenter is competent, highly experience and skillful.


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